Eldritch Knight




On a moonless night, Dadius’ warrior village of Quoth was raided when he was 8. His parents were kidnapped during the raid. Upon running outside to find his parents a sorcerer magically branded him on his neck with a strange sigil. The shock to his system knocked him unconscious. The next morning he awoke to learn that his parents were the only ones taken. And no one in the village had anymore details.

Taking pity on him, the village leader Flarn took him under his wing and brought him up as his own. Taught him the way of the warrior. Educated him. Taught him to survive. Loved him like a son. And so he grew up in his home village, but was always unsettled by the kidnapping of his parents, and wondered of their fate. At times the sigil would burn; a constant reminder of his terrible loss.

When he became of age, he decided it was time to venture out into the world in search of his parents. His only clue is the strange sigil on his neck. Thus far no man has been able to tell him what the sigil means.


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